Dine at Pound for a Dollar!

Look out for this great deal from Pound by Todd English! For this month of April, they will have a dollar menu! That’s right, just one dollar an order! (as with exchange rate, peso value changes every day)

Now, don’t go expecting a big dish for just 50 pesos. Instead, they cleverly designed tapas-style dishes so you can try their selection. When we went, their selections were their TE Sliders, Pound Pomodoro, Onion Blosson, and of course our favorite, Truffle Fries.

Pound’s dollar menu

First up: Onion Blossom

Nice start to the meal. The white onions are sweet and the breading is crunchy and not too oily. Although the breading is a bit too thick for me. The sauce is quite good, with just the right amount of sweetness and spice such that Alex can eat it.

Onion Blossom

Second: TE Sliders

Their TE Sliders are a good preview of the the goodness of Pound’s famous burgers. On the dollar menu, they serve one piece of the regular 2-piece slider in the regular menu. Of course, we got one each cause in truth, we can finish a full burger each on our own. Buns and onion rings are light and crispy, while the burgers were medium-well and slightly under seasoned.

TE Slider

Third: Pound Pomodoro

Our least favorite among the menu – quite bland and dry.

Pound Pomodoro

Finally, the Truffle Fries

You know how you always forget to take photos of your food when you really enjoy them?  We don’t have photos of the truffle fries, so you see how it’s our favorite among the four. Seriously, though, I thought it just looked normal, nothing special, so I didn’t bother taking a photo. Turned out to be our favorite. The fries were juicy but not to oily and the truffle, well, you can never go wrong with truffle. Apparently, especially not in your ketchup. I already love ketchup too much, then you dare add truffle? Heaven.

There you go! Try out Pound’s dollar menu, great for snacks or with evening drinks. Truth be told, our drinks were more expensive than our food!

Pound’s dollar menu is available in Pound by Todd English, SM Megamall branch. Now hurry, their promo is only available til the end of the month!

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