Craving Satisfied at Crave Park PH

I have a confession to make: I absolutely love corn. Yes, corn. 🌽🌽🌽 I’ve never actually heard someone say it so I’m saying it now: I love corn. So much so that the moment I saw my friend post a corn dish photo on Instagram, I knew I just had to get some. 

This love for corn was tested, though, when I found out that the photo was taken at Crave Park all the way in Marikina. Now, I live in the South (Like, South South across SLEX.) so it took some pa-cute to convince Alex to drive us all the way to faraway (from the South, at least) Marikina to get me some of those yum stuff. Actually, when Shirley sent me a photo of this slab of corn on a wooden plate from Crave Park, we knew we needed to go over the weekend. We didn’t mind that it would be in Marikina, we were just excited to try out something different.

Crave Park, one of the know food parks in Marikina.

Good thing Crave Park wasn’t so hard to find, it was just along Mayor Gil Fernando Ave. I’m pretty sure you won’t miss it! Parking was also quite easy, despite us going on a Saturday night. There’s parking in front and in the empty lot beside the park. Parking guides will help you find a space, too, so no worries!

Alex and Shirley in front on Crave Park.

Aside from food, Crave Park is also known for its street style. Check out the cool street art up front!

Street art at the entrance of Crave Park.

The place was quite packed, being a Saturday night, and the crowd was a mix of family and friends bonding over food and drinks. The place looked great. It has good ambiance and a wide selection of food. Food was affordable, and of good actually.The place is al freso and quite airy inside especially with the high ceiling. It also helps keep the noise level down so you won’t have to shout at each other the whole night in order to converse. Thank God, cause I’m lola like that.

Saturday night crowd at crave park.

Good thing there was a spacious 2nd floor for extra space especially for big groups.

View from the stairs.

Now for what we went there for: the food. (More specifically, the corn.)

To be honest, we were a bit hesitant at first, though, seeing that food parks have been opening left and right these days and it’s hard to find quality food in these parks since they bank a lot on variety and experience. (I know, they just started spreading like wildfire.) Aside from that, sometimes it feels like the food is the same selection in each park. We usually just go with our craving for that day but we try to prioritize the type of food which you don’t normally find elsewhere (unless we really, really want something else even if it’s common).

Of course, there’s the corn we drove all the way here for. The stall is called Dabs and Popcorn and they have a wide variety of corn combinations. They even have corn with bacon! I felt like I was in heaven! We tried the 8spice with salsa which was so worth the drive! The corn was very fresh because they source it from local farmers.

8spice with salsa from Dabs and Popcorn.

Chicken wings are probably the most common across food parks but that’s not enough reason not to try them. (If I think about it, I have ordered chicken in all food parks I’ve been to.) We had the sriracha lime wings from KM 128 Wing Joint. It was okay, I guess I was looking for more sriracha flavor. The part-Vietnamese in me is holding a higher standard for sriracha.

Sriracha lime wings from KM 128 Wing Joint.

For some reason, Alex just really wanted some good old burger. We had the Dying Burger from Hunger Buster. Until now we haven’t figured out whether we just apparently ordered the one without any veggies or none of their burgers actually had veggies. Too bad, though, they ran out of onion rings! Also, it broke my heart a little that they weren’t using Heinz ketchup. Brand love hihihi

The Dying Burger

We were headed to a party after our Crave Park dinner so unfortunately we couldn’t eat to much (or spend hours eating) so we  just tried a couple of items.

Our Saturday dinner spread.

What surprised us most about Crave Park is this stall in the middle name Spin the Bottle. Aside from the local beers and regular cocktails, they serve craft beers and specialty cocktails designed by no other than EDSA BDG mixologists! I actually don’t drink that much, but seeing that it was made with EDSA BDG mixologists made me quite excited. Now, Shirley has been raving about EDSA BDG for so long that we really have to try it. Yes I’m a fan. They even had a buy 1 get 1 promo that night so we got our cocktails for the the price. Talk about good luck!

Spin the Bottle stall right in the middle of Crave Park.

I wanted to try the fishbowl drink but seeing how much food we had, I restrained myself. Maybe next time though.

Commercial local and foreign beers as well as craft beers.
Craft Drinks selection co-created with EDSA BDG mixologists!

We had the Red Light Special which was a vodka-based drink  infused with lychee, perfect for Alex’ girly cocktail taste. As expected, it was perfect – light and mild, sweet and refreshing.  Yes, I really liked it. Sorry, I like girly drinks. 

The Red Light Special
Shirley devouring her staple chicken wings.
She can’t pick which one she loves more, so why not just eat them at the same time?
Happy food, happy kid.
Alex always being his generous self and sharing his burger.


Verdict: Crave Park is definitely worth the long drive to Marikina! We loved the chill vibe and the energetic (but not boisterous) crowd. More importantly: we love the different food that we can’t find elsewhere and the awesome specialty cocktails! We can’t wait to go back!

PS. We hear the Korean food stall is good, more reason to come back!6174646896_img_1002-1

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