Cosmos: UP Fair 2017

Photo from Cosmos Facebook Page.
We both love going back to UP. University of the Philippines (UP) is the premier state university in the Philippines where we both studied, and it was our home for most of our formative years so going back to visit either to just walk around or to eat isaw and siomai is always something we look forward to.

Last Friday night, however, was extra special because it was Alex’ first time to attend the annual UP Fair where, aside from the usual booths and rides in any school fair, some of the best bands in the country would perform. You’d think that both of us would have gone there countless times. Wrong! I have not gone to a single UP Fair in my entire stay in UP. Also since I live near the school, you’d think I would also have been able to go during my high school days. Wrong again. Yes, it was Alex’ first time. Yes, I judged him, too. The moment he said he’s never been to UP Fair before, it was decided he absolutely has to else I will forever judge him of not being a legit UP graduate. I don’t know why, maybe because I just wanted to sleep early during those days. Sad right? Yes, sad. Very, very sad.

Inside Cosmos: UP Fair Friday.
Anyway, this was Alex’ first time to go, and we had a blast! You see food left and right, festival games, and rides. Of course, you wouldn’t miss the good bands playing on stage. Sure it was full of people inside, but lines were not too crowded, except for the rides which we didn’t want to try.

The UP Fair noob.
Us with the crowd of people in line for booths and rides.
Super extra fast ferris wheel.
We shot toy guns and got a keychain. Yes, after everything, all we got was a keychain-slash-bottle opener.

Alex attempting to score.
Knowing the both of us, though, we really went there to eat. What can we say, we love food. Actually, I went there to complete Alex’ UP experience HAHAHA 

A visit to UP wouldn’t be complete without Rodic’s!
Sugary drink just because.
After we ate (a lot), we chilled around first just listening to the bands and telling each other stories (and eating some more).

Sitting around just listening to the bands.
After a bit, we went up front to listen and watch the bands play. It was quite nostalgic hearing the bands that you liked in high school play their tracks. Such OPM classics of our generation!

Happy kids standing around millenials listening to music from our (semi) childhood.
While listening to Hale’s The Day You Said Good Night.
After everything,  I’d want to go back and see how other days are different. I know it’ll probably be quite similar, but I’m sure they’ll still be worth going to. I’m just glad to have brought Alex to his first UP Fair. The ultimate UP experience!

Happy 1st UP Fair, Alex!
Bonus: I even got to take him to Central in Kalayaan for more college student feels! (Also Alex’ first time there.) Soco Slammer the best!!!

Chicken skin (with lots of fat) and Soco Slammer shots.
What a UP experience! Thanks for an extremely nostalgic night. More to come!



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