1st Anniversary Celebration

Now’s my time to write! Forgive the grammatical mistakes, though I’m sure Shirley will proofread this before posting. If there will still be mistakes, please bear with me. Actually, you’ll have to bear with me, then, since I’m the proofreader. Yes, I even proofread his commentaries. I tell you, it’s not easy to only edit the grammatical errors and not the writing style. I have no idea how editors do it.

So last February 7th, we celebrated our 1st year anniversary! Yahoo!!! To tell you the truth, I’m still on a high about it. Thinking that we’ve been annoying each other for 1 full year still gives me butterflies in my stomach. (Obviously, he’s the cheesy one.) Instead of going out on a date and spending lots of money for it, I decided to just prepare something for her to celebrate it, especially since we are on a budget. Guys, you really don’t have to spend sooo much in order for your partner to be happy. Memories will always be more priceless than things you can buy for him/her.

I thought about how I can make this day special for us. What better way to start than with a relaxing massage? I found a massage place in Kapitolyo named Euphoria Infinity Spa. Like most establishments on February, there was a couple promo (it pays to celebrate your anniversary around Valentine’s Day, so many couple promos!) for a full body massage and a foot reflexology treatment for only 600 pesos.

Euphoria Infinity Spa’s Couple Promo. Photo from their Facebook Page.
It was surprisingly nice! However, since we both work out, there were lots of knots in our bodies, and we were cringing during the massage. It felt really, really nice after, though.

Anniversary photo!

Next up, I decided to prepare a simple dinner for her. The goal was to replicate 1/ one dish that she loves as starter, 2/ a main course we both love, and 3/ a dessert that she wants to try. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t able to replicate it 100%. Then again, the intent was there hihihi

I made grilled cheese with tomato soup on the side (the one that she loves from Borough), sweet and sour pork (our ultimate favorite whenever we eat at a Chinese restaurant), and cheesecake ice cream. My friend, Chef Ed, taught me how to mix cream cheese with ice cream, on which I failed miserably. For one, the flavor (vanilla) was not available at the nearby 7-11. Second,  the cream cheese was too solid when I was trying to add it to the ice cream. It was still so  yummy though. Mango Sansrival ice cream and cream cheese in one cup (not mixed, but still!) is too yummy to pass up! Felt like some type of halo halo since there were huge chunks of cream cheese.

The cute thing about it was that my niece and nephew joined us. At first, I felt nervous that we were having dinner on my house’s porch and that they were joining us. I was afraid that I was disappointing her, but then again, we saw it as an opportunity to make the night more interesting. It really was! We spent the night eating grilled cheese sandwiches (and taking cheese from Alex’ sandwich whenever he stands up to get something), playing under pretend rain  and getting pretend sick with our new furry stuffed friends!

Starters with Essy.

Anniversary-mates for the night, Luke and Essy!

Alex and Essy under the pretend rain.

Playing under the umbrella with our furry friends.

In the end, we really had a great time. The badminton racket set that she gave me was something I really loved. Shirley, get ready for your lessons! Oh boy. No backsies? (Badminton is Alex’s sport growing up, he even used to play for our school! I, on the other hand, have no badminton skills to speak of, so my gift is a toy badminton set and the promise to try to learn the sport he loves. Maybe I should’ve thought twice about that, huh?)

Alex grinning when he saw his Marvel toy badminton set. 

So guys, don’t be afraid to prepare something for your loved one. This Valentines day, if you guys haven’t figured out what to do, try planning a day for her. Try cooking for her. It might fail, it might not be what you envisioned it to be, but the fact that you tried will surely be a great story to tell, and really something from the heart. 😊

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