Welcome to #FattieUlingAdventures!

Starting is always the most difficult, isn’t it?

Well, there’s nothing too fancy here: there’s Alex: full time fitness coach – specializing in strength and conditioning, body balance, and a little bit of calisthenics, very family-oriented, introverted but friendly and kind-hearted.  Then there’s Shirley: full time brand and business development manager, extroverted but regularly snobbish, former wild child, control freak-planner (and when I say plan, I MEAN PLAN THE S**T out), and aspiring pole dancer, wedding planner and world traveller.

Then there’s all the food we eat, all the places we visit, all the fitness activities we enjoy, all the adventures we try out, and all the small details in between that we share.

Which brings us to this blog – our first big project together which we commit to develop, nurture and give attention to. It’s a very colorful world out there, and we plan to document everything and just share our experiences: the places we visit, the food that we eat, and everything in between (by everything we mean the commentaries along the way. You’ll see what we mean.), we’ll be documenting them and hopefully sharing some awesome pictures. It’s quite exciting to think we’ll be writing about our adventures, honing our skills along the way, and getting to know each other better. We can’t wait to look back at this 10 years from now and relive all the stories written in these pages as well as the joy of creating this together (or, possibly, laugh at the fact that we tried but couldn’t maintain it but hey, at least we tried, right?).

Full disclosure: in truth, we couldn’t get a puppy so might as well make a blog instead, right? At least it’s not a living, breathing being that could die. Jk.

Now to give this blog a name – well that one was easy. When you take #BoyUling (cause you know, Alex is dark) and #FattieGirl (a hashtag I’ve been using for a while now, originally just to capture my food photos and justify my fattie-ness), you got #FattieUlingAdventures!

Conceptualizing and creating this blog is hard, scary, and exciting all at the same time, especially with our extremely different personalities, work habits and writing styles (if any). It’s kinda like having a family of your own – at first you have no idea what to do, but you’ll do everything to protect it. I’m not saying that Shirley and I are having a family anytime soon (I’m sure she’s cringing right now as we write this down. I was cringing. I still am. But I gotta let him have his write-up space at some point, right?), but starting something together and caring for it is somehow like that (we think, we honestly have no idea).

So that’s what this is – our first baby, finally! Welcome to #FattieUlingAdventures!!! 😉😉😉


Photo by Kaye Menorca

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